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Thank you for saying what I really wanted to say, but decided to err on the side of not trying to scare him off.

Thanks, yet I'd rather be up front and ditch the watered-down politically correct nonsense and give them information up front. Why sugar coat it, let them run out and spend good money on junk only to have that junk fail them and turn them off one of the best sports in the world? After all, if you buy good gear the first time you don't have to replace it for another 15-25 years. If you buy junk you might have to replace it 2-3x a year. There is no savings in it, and it sure isn't any fun when you are packing up in the middle of the night and coming home overtired because nothing worked.

I guess I was lucky enough to escape that PC filter that has screwed up so much of our world. wink