While immersing myself in research prepping for my trip to Kisatchie, I can't help but notice that Ozark Trail seems to have some products that appear comparable to more expensive brands at half the cost or lower. For example, I've seen a sleeping bag rated to 20 that stuffs down to under 2lbs for $40. I realize that they probably sacrifice weight and durability, but I think I really just need a year out of them to figure out what works for me and what I like. With that thought in mind, paying $50 for a 45L backpack that I'll use for a year before upgrading seems attractive, considering my budget (just moved into a new place). Does anyone have experience with gear from this price point? How durable does it tend to be? I'm not too worried about weight, because I was in college drumline and has 30+ lbs hanging from my back on a daily basis.