Does anyone have recipes for savory - NOT sweet - meal-replacement bars that won't go bad on the trail? Most energy bars are full of sugar and dried fruits, and after a couple of days I can't stand them. I'm looking for something like a homemade version of Journey Bars, which are awfully expensive. I'm looking for ingredients such as cheese, zucchini, potatoes, dried tomatoes, onions, corn chips, pepperoni, milk powder, nuts etc.
I have a book, "Simple Foods for the Pack," that has several recipes for savory journey cakes. They were tasty but started going bad after a few days; I need something that will keep.
Also, how do you keep homemade jerky from getting moldy? I made delicious beef jerky in my dehydrator for the CT this past summer, but by the time I got to Lake City there was fungus among us.
I'd appreciate any help.