Yes, as OM says, it's easy to find trail partners along the way, and beneficial in multiple ways. No stress from any prior relationship stuff or expectations, you just find yourself walking with one or more folks of similar pace. Hike for days or weeks or even months together, split up when that makes sense, walk alone for a while (which can be great too), find a new person or group to connect with. I have a better social life on long distance trails than I do in my "normal" life.

In addition to the pct-l list, there's a PCT forum on I'd look into the annual PCT kickoff event, ADZPCTKO. It's become more popular and regularly "sells out" these days, so you want to register early if you're going. The impact of the movie "Wild" will certainly exacerbate that.

Unless you already have some decent backpacking experience, I strongly suggest that you first buy cheap or borrow or rent or some combo of those to get an initial set of gear, and then work up to a fairly long solo hike, a "shakedown" hike. I suggest something on the order of 50 miles. If you succeed at that, you'll then have a better sense for prep and for whether you're good to go for something a lot longer. Put this another way, my unscientific sense is that folks that do a long shakedown hike before their first long distance hike attempt significantly improve their odds of success (and happiness) on the trip itself. is a good site to look over too. has various PCT resources. Lots of stuff out there to help you get up to speed.

Best of luck!
Brian Lewis