What an inspiring thread! Loved it, needed it. I'm another one in Grumpy Gord's age group, and I suspect I may be the cancer survivor mentioned by billstephenson in another thread. I've been at the daily walk (mile or two), trainor three times a week and some physical therapy and home exercises as well routine for about six months. I've been hiking with a slightly overweighted pack and on some rough trail for a mile or two late this summer. Did about three and a half in about an hour and a half the other day (but I confess it was mostly much easier trail). But it is coming. It just takes longer at this age, but don't give up just because it's a little rough when you start. WD is absolutely right about the healing that comes, and I'm looking forward to more if this remission holds. I'm back in Virginia now, so should have good weather for it. best, jcp