Most of my summer garden has gone away but I'm still picking hot peppers and making hot sauce, about 1 bottle per week. These plants should last into December when we re likely to get frost. I may not need to plant peppers next summer as I have so many bottles already.

Remember I was saving garlic and potatoes? Well, I planted the garlic for my winter garden and much of it has sprouted. I'm pretty happy about that. It makes me feel all self-sufficient to plant my own saved seed (clove in this case). Garlic is a winter crop here so should be ready to dig up around April. Potatoes get planted around February so I'm hoping that my luck with garlic carries on to spuds.

I haven't planted anything else for winter yet, not sure if I will. I've been focusing on my section-day-hike of the Florida Trail and that is taking a lot of time, energy, and funds now that the sections are more than a 4 hour drive away.