I was last "into" photography 15 years ago. I had a SLR with two lenses. I would take my car and ahead to somewhere to photograph trees, plants and flowers, landscapes, and a bit of macro work.

I'm a hiking noob, and I'm thinking that while I'm out there hiking, I would like to rekindle the photo bug in me. I'm barely aware of DSLR, mirrorless cameras, and p&s. Currently I use my iPhone 4. Super convenient, not time consuming, but I would like to think more about the art And technology, without letting the tech take over. I want something I can access easily, and ideally I want one main lens that has a wide range, probably at the expense of quality. I may have another lens I could dig out of my bag for specific situations...but that's a later thought.

What I'm not sure of, is what I need to consider in a camera, and between the different types out there today, to satisfy hiking requirements.

FYI - I have a manfroto tripod with a nice ball-head, but I may not bring it on all hikes, I would rather be more natural out there, less "staged". But there will be times (low light) when I will take out the tripod, probably when photography is the goal of the hike.