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......all valid points....yes, we have gotten to the interesting point, "show us what it is"....well, hardly am I going to publish on a public forum an unprecedented idea that is still not patented? Suffice to say, two Chinese manufacturers were quite congratulatory yesterday when I outlined a manufacturing query orientated at my idea...( got to be damned careful with them too for certain, they would copy it given half a chance) ...! (careful Bluefish, I am a die-hard fisherman).Just to re-iterate, I do NOT need any funding from anyone.

If you've applied for a patent you're as protected as you'll ever be.

You know, you haven't even told us what problem we have with our tents that you've solved, much less told us how, and you've declined to show us, yet you want our help making them?

I need a bit more inspiration.


"You want to go where?"