....I am pondering this as I sit on the 28th floor of an ultra-modern hotel overlooking Guangzhou, China. There must be people somewhere in the States that make, (or even try to), their own tents as a hobby in the garage etc. on an ancient sewing machine, and are interested in kicking off a new innovative QUALITY item project to be proud of, orientated at the US market......I am a Brit and will be over there in the autumn, fall for those of you that do not speak English correctly. (That's a joke, haha)...Surrounded by 1.2 BILLION people and factories turning out NASTY, less than mediocre products, I really despair. Before you all retreat, instantly wary of those from foreign shores, I am not asking anyone for a financial investment, just checking in the blue yonder if the right person is out there, someone proud of what they do, and with an unyielding attitude.."seek and ye shall find" ?.

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