I recently heard from local hiking friends that they will be in Germany for a year and have found the logistics of taking their dog along to be almost impossible. They sent out a letter to all their friends asking if someone would be willing to take care of their dog for a year. I responded right away.

This last weekend, Oscar stayed with me as a trial run, and we got along just fine. Everybody is happy--Oscar, his human parents, and I. So starting August 1, Oscar will be living with me for a year. He's a 7 1/2 year old Parson Russell (also known as Jack Russell) terrier. He's quite mellow for a Jack Russell and is an experienced hiking dog.

I can't seem to copy/paste an image here, and my flickr account has gone dead, so I finally got an image to work in my next post, so you now don't have to take my word for it that Oscar is really cute! Of course I'm used to 75 lb. galoots of dogs, so it's a new adventure to have one that weighs only 22 lbs. It takes only 1/4 of the time to groom him as it did Hysson, for example!

Oscar's humans will furnish his food, incidentals, vet care and half the cost of putting him in a kennel. (Oscar dislikes loud noises so won't be able to attend Civil War re-enactments.) They of course are bringing all his accoutrements, including dishes, bed, crate, pack, etc. They gave me a list of friends and relations who will take Oscar in an emergency or if I need a break.

I'm really excited and can hardly wait until August!

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