Hey guys I'm new to backpacking. I've done my homework and have came up with a water system:

Platypus Big Zip 3L... 5 oz
Nalgene Ultralight 1L(an oxymoron, I know)... 3oz
Sawyer Mini Filter, syringe, and 16 Fl ounce bag... 2 oz

Summary, 10 oz, 4L, lasts 100,000 gallons (I think)

My plan is to go a water source, and filter right then and there, and then move. I would primarily drink from the platy, the Nalgene would be mostly for washing up, cooking, ect.

I have three questions:

1. Would the big zip and nalgene thread with the sawyer properly?

2. Should I carry another nalgene UL?

3. Have you had any experience with platys malfunctioning in the field? Is this a concern?

Thanks guys! Any input is appreciated!