Hello all!
Hope everyone is having a good day and thank you in advance for any help!

I'm currently in Maryland and im planning on taking my son and my dog out on a 2 day Backpacking trip. Now I used to do this all the time with groups when I was younger and I loved it to death and miss it! Even know I how I enjoy it I have never planned a trip before.

I was trying to find information on the best ways to find trails/paths to take. I have tried messing around on the site with the US forestry and looking at the trails that way but its a headache.

I'm not looking for anything over 15/20 miles or so since my son is only 8 and well, I haven't done this in a while!

I am not to worried about gear and the not needed, I have that planned out and that's easy enough to part to together until we are ready to step off. So once again what is the best way to plan this, and what suggestions do you all have?

Thank you much!