My wife has to eat some food on the trail to keep her energy level up, so I searched for a very portable, easy to eat snack that would fit in a hip belt pocket. Thanks to the pro road race we have in our rural area, and a thru hiker I met on the trail, I found Honey Stinger Waffles. A thin cookie (minature hard waffle) that seems to pack a lot of energy into a small flat package. Apparently they were first popularized by European bike racers. We love them, but at 1.39 each, we would like to make our own. Anyone know a recipe? I've found they are good for eating as a snack before bed to fuel the fire for sleep in the cold. Any other compact, high energy food suggestions? Oh yeah, we can eat Cliff bars if we're going to literally die of starvation, same for any of the gels.