At a recent gathering on another forum, Zelph sent some seconds or extra stoves he had to be given away, I picked up one each of the Starlyte and the modified Starlyte along with a carbon felt simmer ring. The modified works great in my Caldera Cone, using a little less fuel than the Trail Designs 12-10 stove, but taking about a minute longer to bring to a boil 12 oz. of water. The simmer ring over the regular stove, allows about 20cc of denatured alcohol to burn for 30 minutes, petering out at about 32 minutes, without use of a pot of water, only a windscreen in my one test. The caps on these are nice to use to save the unspent fuel for the next meal/hot drink. Might enable one to bring enough fuel in the stove for a o/n trip, saving the weight of a separate fuel container. Some will bring two stoves for a weekend.