So, do you want a small two burner or a large one that can hold a dutch oven on top? If you just want a small one for frying pan type stuff, then buy whatever propane one at Walmart, or any other outdoor store. They all just plain work. Yes, they all use the little green canisters....but you can buy an attachment to refill them. I bought a cheap one at Walmart a few years back...cheaper than the Coleman one. I have use the heck out of it...even in -20F weather. I put it in my sled and my dog pulled it. smile
Now, if you want a serious car camping stove, then look at the campchef stuff. My scout troop has this one. two burner and it is a beast. The troop also has a griddle that fits the whole top. I almost want to put one in my house, it is so nice to use.
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