"I get cold pretty easily so I'm going to bring both just in case. The jacket will fit over both midlayers but not the down jacket. I don't plan on hiking in down jacket so it should be ok."

When I hiked the AT with a late Feb start, a windshirt plus synthetic puffy vest was good for me during the "on trail" part. Perhaps a similar vest (mine's a thermawrap) would be lighter than whatever wool upper you're using (I've not seen the video).

I'm hiking for a month on the AT with a friend who will be thru-hiking, starting in three weeks. This time I'm doing quite the same thing --- light rain shell rather than windshirt this time, but light vest, and in my case a light down parka, as mid-March it can still get down into the teens at night.

What I found starting late Feb in 2010 was that it was cold wind that can "get to you" while actually hiking. So some ear protection, mittens rather than gloves, perhaps breadbags to keep hands warm from wind --- that sort of thing.

Best of luck on your trip.
Brian Lewis