Allright, now that I'll be heading for California for a hike, I need a JMT-approved bear canister. - actually I need four of them. I'm hiking with another Canuck, and two friends from europe.

I have a BV-500 which I bought at the REI in fresno a few years ago for a hike I ended up not taking - I've never used it, although I'm guessing as it's the small one it's less size than I might need for the JMT.

I was looking at thinking the weight of the big one is good - but noticed they list the weight of the lid seperately, so it's really 2 lb 10 oz for the big one. I'm assuming this size will be about what we need since that big one is about 20 litres internally (which is about the same capacity as my ursack that I normally use.)

So - anyone got any opinions as to which of the approved canisters are best (lightest) - which to avoid? I know some of you folks down there are converts and almost love them (Hi lori...)

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