I just accept poor sleep some nights. I use ear plugs. I do not like tea at night because it makes me have to get up and pee a couple of times. I pretty regularly take an antihistamine - I am allergic to down but love my down bag. Cannot sleep on a down pillow at home. the antihistamine also helps me sleep. If really achy I wait a few hours and if still achy, take an Advil. It is surprising how many times all I need to do is relax and aches go away. Most of my sleepless nights are due to worry - about next day's route, weather etc. Occasionally I will chose a terribly uncomfortable campsite and sleep poorly due to lumps or steep side hill. One thing I found counter-intuitive - is that if I listen to soothing music I have a harder time getting to sleep. But if really stressed out from the day I often use music like one would a glass of wine. I just feel I deserve something inspiring.

I sleep poorly at home too, so it is really not a lot of difference.

PS. I am temporarily caring for my 5-year old disabled granddaughter and she is given 7.5 mg of melatonin at night to sleep- it really does the job. She has neurological issues with status-epilepsy and severe sleep problems are typical of her syndrome. I should take one of her melatonin one night and see what happens!