Loved your gear video and I think you've made great choices for almost all your gear. Made me think about my choices, as I'm fortunate to get to 12lbs for my base pack. I've been thinking of a different setup for the clothing, probably a lightweight t for sleeping, Capilene 3 long-sleeved top for hiking, and perhaps another lightweight to middleweight smartwool top like you've suggested. I also considered a down vest for around camp which could double as a pillow, but I'm probably doing sections of the Continental Divide Trail which has greater elevation.

You sure you need both the heavier wool top and the down jacket? As you suggest, one of them will probably go, but I'd keep the longjohns for sleeping and for the occasional cool morning if you send back your pants. Does the Cuben jacket go over all your gear layered up? Just some thoughts.

Good luck on your hike!
Listen to the trees in the wind