Well I ordered the majority of the gear, only maybe few smalls things and the Packs is all we'll need now.
Ended up getting the wife and son each a Kelty Ignite 0F DriDown bag. So that'll help me feel better knowing they should be plenty warm enough when we go. I got me just the 20F.

Ended up getting the Kelty Trail Ridge 3P tent. Ordered a small stove and couple cans of fuel, Suunto Compass, some therma-rest pillows, Some SOL emergency blankets, (2) Sawyer Mini water filtration systems and a few other items. Spent more than I wanted, but I feel better knowing we have decent sleeping bags.

We also went to some thrift stores and bought quite a bit of polyester, nylon, or fleece clothing. We found some really light wind breaker pull overs, found us each a wool cap. I have 2 sets of base layer clothing and a pair of Fleece pants and a Fleece pullover. I think I have most of what I need except synthetic undies and hiking socks.
Think my son has most of his clothing, but not the wife, need to find her more base layer clothing and hiking pants.

Would like to get some decent socks for us, was thinking of checking and seeing how expensive Merino wool socks would be.

Well I got a sick feeling in my stomach when I ordered most of this gear..lol. I didn't want to spend anywhere near what I'm going to end up spending in the end, but....it'll be for a good cause. Cause the Sawtooth Mountains are only 3 hours away and we've been looking at pictures and videos of hiking trips...and that is something we MUST do and see, soooooo beautiful up there.
So in the end it'll be worth it.