Found a tent I'm thinking of ordering.
The Sierra Designs Lightning HT 3 is on sale for $220 at REI.
only about 5.5lbs for 3 person tent. From what I've seent that's on the lighter side.
Was going to look on ebay and see if I can snatch up a deal, but I may just snatch that up at REI.

*EDIT* Also interested in the Mutha Hubba. Actually that was one of the first tents I read about and maybe that's why I still favor it.
I don't know, but I'm going to keep looking around.
It's hard not to start ordering things when you have the money for them.

**EDIT** Ok now I'm interested in the Nemo Losi 3 simply because it's wider than the other 2 and seems to have more floor space.
Ahhh how exhausting researching can be.

***EDIT*** Also looking at these sleeping bags I just realized....I'm a stomach sleeper and never sleep on my back, lol. So not sure how a sleeping bag with a hood will work. I guess I could just lay my head on the hood of bag.

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