I'm sure all will work out.
Yeah I love shopping on ebay and getting deals, not much for garage saleing though, but I use CL and Ebay alot.
I'll look into the WTS forum, but not looking for any donations. Thanks though

Yeah I think I'm going to get decent bags.
Think I might just get some Kelty Cosmic Down 20's for us; Campmor has them for $150 for normal and $140 for small.
And looking at the Klymit Insulated Static V since those can be found for $70. So that'd be about $650 for sleeping gear for us...now to me that seems like ALOT for JUST sleeping gear, but I realize it's not and that's why I can convience myself to splurg for those. Hoping those will work for now, cause that's pushing it for me on finances for just the sleeping gear.

Thanks for help and tips. Even though I have decided to get the Kelty's and Kyrmit's, I'll still look around for something that's better/cheaper until I make the actual purchase, which may not be for a week or so...just depends on how soon I find ALL the gear I want.

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