Thinking of either getting another ZPacks Hexamid tent, since I sold the one I used last summer with tent pole, stakes etc. weighted 12.5 oz. but would need the edges of a ground cloth raised to avoid water intrusion if in a rain, or getting the new Six Moon Designs Deschutes tarp (coming in the first quarter of 2014) 7oz. and adding their Serenity netting tent 8oz. that has a silnylon bathtub type bottom built in, which would be a no hassle water protection item. Add to that the tent pole of 2oz. and stakes, line, coming in then about 19 oz. maybe at the least.
Do you like good protection, or do you "get by" like I usually do for the summer season? I did not like the grit blowing in a few times with the Hex and would like some cover from wind, although the SMD systems bathtub bottom does not look like it comes up much. I sold my old, 10? year old TT floorless Squall which weighted 24oz.