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I'm figuring from the sounds of it the Sleeping Bag would get the highest % of $ spent on it?
Then I'm guessing after bag it is Pack, Tent, Shoes, Clothing, Misc. gear...something like that.

That sounds like a good priority. Many people get by very well using normal everyday shoes and clothes. Some people have a horrible time because they try to hike miles and miles in big, heavy, clunky, expensive hiking boots that they never broke in. If there aren't many insects were you are going, many people use just a tarp and ground cloth instead of a tent.

If you are handy with sewing Ray Jardine sells pre-assembled quilt kits. They use synthetic insulation, but otherwise high end shell and are supposed to be pretty nice: http://www.rayjardine.com/ray-way/Quilt-Kit/index.htm