Not a complete list, and at least one (Kooka Bay) has been out of business for a couple of years, but still pretty good; it has the major players.

Note that REI has its own house brands which are pretty good. In fact not all their stuff is heavy. Check their outlet for closeouts on discontinued models. I believe Eastern Mountain Sports does also.

Sierra Trading Post often has specials/closeouts. The insulated air pad I still use was bought there 8 years ago for $30.

Re tents--make sure the screen door(s) is (are) vertical. Lots of tents have screen doors slanting inwards towards the top of the tent. That means you have to shut up the solid door even in the merest drizzle, which means lots of condensation, as well as claustrophobia, inside. And make sure there's enough room inside. A lot of the major manufacturers have tried to meet the lightweight competition from firms like Tarptent by making their tents smaller, so their 2-person size is good only for two small people. Check the specifications on the manufacturers' websites for the actual dimensions, mark them on the carpet with masking tape and see if you'll fit.

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