Well would we need a down sleeping bag if we don't sleep in temps under 40-50F? 40F being the absolute lowest. I've camped in the winter in 8" of snow in Jan. in the Midwest when I was younger and I'm just not a fan of it.
I just figured the down bags were more for warmth in the winter.

I was planning on getting the BIG AGNES BIG CREEK +30 Double sleeping bag for my wife and myself. I figured that should be good enough down to 40F. I'd kinda like a double sack for the wifey and myself.

Also yes I do want to buy a pack now because we have money now....just seems logical to me. I do understand the reasoning on why it should be the last thing you purchase and we are looking at making a list of what we might need and ordering that stuff first. But I also won't let a deal on ebay pass me buy. So if I can find a nice pack for cheap on ebay I'll probably snatch it up.

I will look into the down bags though and see if I can find something I can afford for all 3 of us.
Thank you

And yeah I was actually looking at the Deuter bags for us. I do like them, I just like the idea of hip and should belts that move with you, but I'm not opposed to the Deuter. Heck I'm still considering some cheap(er) TeTon packs I saw on Amazon.

Also thank you for Prayers...You too Heather. It's been a very tough road, but our son is doing very well considering, so we're very thankful.

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