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Hello everyone my names Matt. I have recently decided that I want the total weight of my backpack and its contents reduced to make for a more enjoyable experience while backpacking. Im considering a Columbia Silver Ridge 35L internal frame mainly due to size, weight, and price it's only like $75.00 right now. I will only be using it during the warmer months, money is tight, minimal weight, 20# max weight, and 1-4 day trips max. Would this be an appropriate backpack for what I want? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you.
Get all your gear first then decide what size pack you'll need. If you are happy with everything else then get a pack. Do you have any outfitter stores near you? Go in and try on every pack that fits what you need. Buying one online without trying it can work but often ends with either a returned pack or a poor fitting pack that you try to tolerate because you spent the money.
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