Thanks very much for the response. My budget is a little flexible but I was thinking of trying to spend no more than $150. That being said, the REI tent does look promising even though it might be a little more than I was planning on spending. I understand that they have a good reputation so they will probably be a good resource for other equipment I'll need as well. Thanks for the tip!

I hadn't thought about the standing room- my plan is to basically walk dawn to dusk and stop only when I'm ready to rest and sleep so I wouldn't expect this to be too much of an issue.

As I'll be doing so much walking (and as I'm not the most technically adept person) my main concerns have been that it is lightweight (under 5 lbs) and easy to setup. I have been tempted by some of the popup tents which are also much less expensive, some as little as $20-40. Am I right in assuming that these are also probably not very durable and I would be foolish to expect them to last on a trip that can take several months?