My wife and I went up Mt. Greylock, the highest mountain in Mass. today, and as we passed a shelter, I was telling her how I wanted to come back and stay overnight soon. As the road to the top is closed, it's basically a 2500' gain in 6.5 miles up the road if you wish. I thought a pulk sled would be ideal, as I always have a problem with sweating beneath my pack in the winter. I always get by with a change of shirt, it's just annoying and a little uncomfortable at times to change in below zero wind chills . I always hike cold and wear wicking base layers , it just happens, even when I use external frame packs.
Has anyone used a pulk sled and have any comments or sugestions?
I used an ice fishing Jett sled once into a shelter on a lake, but that was very flat, easy terrain and I didn't use any type of harness, just a pull rope.
By the way we had a great hike with light snow, she wore micro-spikes, I used my antique SMC 10 pts. Was icy in spots, but not much for snow. We left the snowshoes in the car. The weather was so warm last week, bear tracks were all over the place, as they came out of hibernation for awhile!

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