This week we are ending the lowest average daily high temp mark period here. From here on the days will be getting warmer instead of colder on average.

I consider this an important event, one on par with the winter solstice.

Personally, for me here, it marks the beginning of when we can expect the weather to be improving for backpacking. Here, our lowest average daily high temp is 41. That happens in the middle of January and last about week.

It also marks the peak of my Stir Craziness, which is nice. From here on out the days not only get longer they also get warmer and I get to spend more time playing outside in the sun.

Of course, it's all still random. Pretty nasty today. High of 30 with winds from the NW gusting to 25 mph. Says the Wind Chill is 17. It's been ping ponging for the past week. Tomorrow the wind starts blowing from the south and it will be in the 50s for the next few days and, who knows, we could have an ice storm and be frozen most of February. Still, I'm hoping for great weather ahead laugh


"You want to go where?"