I have the MSR Quick 2 System Cookset. I really don't like it. The mugs are too small and the lids don't stay tight. The one pot is way to big for anything we do and of course the shared lid is way bigger than the smaller pot that is the better size for us. And the plates? Never used them. I just bought a silicon "lid" thing that I hope will fit the smaller pot and I still haven't found a light weight mug that meets my needs (I like to start the hike and drink my tea as I walk in the morning - so I want like 20 ounces, a lid that I can close and a hook so I can hook the empty (or not-so empty) mug on to my backpack so I can just put it away at the next rest stop AND I want the mug to be very light weight - and the perfect mug could also be used as a soup mug (so maybe wider than the average mug)... crazy)

Something I saw on a "survivalist" blog is using the Klean Kanteen stainless steel uninsulated water bottles as a cookpot. I hope to give this a try soon - I just boil water for my cooking so this might work out.