I've been looking at cook sets, and like the idea of the twin cups that nestle inside as we have been using stainless insulated mugs I got from Marlboro when I was a smoker (been 3 1/2 years now). But the pot are much larger and heavier than the one we have (1.75 lit) and so I'd prefer to go smaller unless it's a dual pot set where we can leave one behind depending on our situation.

Our plates are Chinese aluminum from some silly cheap "Boyscout" type mess kits that fit under the pot inside the bag. Not a big deal, but plastic ones than nestle inside would help keep the size and weight down a bit.

Are there any 2 person cookware sets with a pot ~1 liter that come with insulated cups and plates? I figure that ought to be plenty for 2 large cups of coffee (and a hot cocoa in the winter for the wee one) and rehydrating 2.5 meals.

I don't think we've ever used the little skillet that doubles as a lid, but I do want a lid.


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