It's funny the conversations we've had with the park rangers upon entering the park for camping. We've been told that it's supposed to drop down to 35* (which we knew) and that it might be too cold for her, or that the 2 mile hike might be too much.

We've been taking her camping since she was 6 mo old. We have a kid carrier that I used to carry her in and strap gear to just to get out. Now she has her own little pack and does just fine. She doesn't sit in front of a TV all day…

One of my greatest camping memories was when we had taken her when she was 2, and I got out of the tent just after dark and noticed the stars on the cloudless night and called for her. "Wow!", she said. She's always been fascinated by the stars and moon, but never saw more than maybe a dozen in town.

My second favorite memory was our first camping trip (car camping). It was alongside a river and I had caught a small frog to show her. Having put it in her hand she tried to eat it! The frog was fortunate as I was ready and saved it!

"Were I to leave where else would I go? Your words of life and of truth You hold." - Third Day