My pack came in and so I'm beginning to put things together. First, my pack weighs slightly less than REI stated, which was 5 lbs (it weighs 4 lbs 9 oz).

Second, I'm completely amazed at what just my core weekend gear and pack weigh, which was 22 lbs! I figured it was much higher than that. Mind you this is without the 3 lit water bladder, and I left out some little things I typically would take such as my multitool, but I also included such things as my compact tent broom/pan, my paracord bracelet, and my tiny Gideons New Testament. I also carry a dirty clothes mesh gym bag.

Mostly geared up but still excluding the hydration bladder my pack weighs only 34.2 lbs. I'm obviously recalling the 45 lbs as before we began replacing gear. My 82 liter pack is STUFFED and has things strapped to the exterior as well. It doesn't seem any bigger than my old 75 liter pack. For an extended trip I feel I absolutely would need the Daylite daypack that attaches to this pack. 13 extra liters only seems enough to take the extra clothes I'd need. As is I have 2 pairs of socks, a pair of undies, and added a base layer set, but I'd actually like a change of clothes if going out for a week or more.

On extended trips (2+ weeks) how do you guys manage your clothes? It seems you'd only want an extra set with the idea of "washing" them along the way (no soap) in a creek or some such. We don't mind getting a little dirty and wearing the same stuff for the weekend, but I'm not so sure about a month, or even a week!

I have all of the stuff for the campsite, and SWMBO has her own bag, pad, pillow, plus the kitchen and food.


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