I've started a similar post some times back and cannot find it in the search query.

I think the question of cost vs. mere grams is too simple. I have to complicate things by functionality and technology involved. Take a look at a post somewhere in this forum about this guy buying a $650 shelter. It's very light, but you can get similar shelter cheaper that weighs maybe a pound more? Difference?(beside weight) The technology. The fabrics in each products are a world apart. I think some people like to spend extra money to "try" out new technologies and new designs that can cost more and weight less. This isn't always the case, but it has been for a lot of us on here.

Here another spin: The Sawyer Squeeze filter weighs 3oz and cost $49.99 (least what I got it for.)My friend has a MSR Hyperflow that cost him $90 and it weighs 7 ounce, maybe? He could have saved few bucks and few ounces by getting the Squeeze, however, he doesn't like the functionality of the Squeeze.

Personally, I keep my pack light so I can move faster if I need to. If I can find a tent that unique or different design and weighs less than what I'm using, I'm intrigued in trying it out. Also, I have Tarptent and a Big Agnes, the Tarptent I have is cheaper at retail cost and weighs less than the retail price of my Big Agnes Seedhouse... How they perform in the field is still an ongoing process. By this I mean which one has less condensations in same condition, how they hold in high wind, ease of set-up, etc. Weight is can issue to me, but I also look at functionality and performance to justify the cost differences. We're all different and thankfully we got a quite a few selections to choose from. Also, give thanks to people like Glenn since he keep the demand for said gears high enough to keep makers evolving them. cool
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