I love my tent, they're a good company in my book. Great, affordable equipment. When I was looking to lighten up about 10 lbs., we had to not only sacrifice what we carried, but sacrifice how we live day to day to pay for the upgrades. It wasn't cheap lightening our base weights, but it's enabled us to do much more after 6 decades. We've also had to do much more with fitness to retain "trail shape". The best weight saver we've found lately is the Sawyer mini-sqeeze filter, which at 20 dollars saved us 1/2 pound from our Katadyn filter. Bang for the buck!
Many outdoor rec companies know that their clientele are at least able to think beyond their front door. If you read the statements of many of the well established, you'll see they follow fair trade practices and try to at least maintain some semblance of responsibility. This may not be true for big box mfgs., but it is for such larger players as Sierra Design and Patagonia, just to name a few. To go further, one needs to consider conspicuous comsumption vs. finite resources, where raw materials are manufactured (Cuben Fiber comes from a international sail maker; where's the factory? ) Some of the companies ie. Big Agnes, include the production of bulk fabric into their conscience guided business decisions. Obviously, money is probably still the bottom line, but it's at least somewhat heartening to know they are at least aware of our concerns. In no way am I belittling cottage industries. They probably take it even more seriously. My point is, we can still make some choices with the bigger players in mind without selling the farm.

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