So I've heard the saying ounces make pounds and pounds make pain.

We've reduced the bulk of our gear to lighter weight and/or more compact items. We've spent quite a bit to do so looking back. No doubt things can be further upgraded as we've not usually bought the best but the best for the money. So we could likely drop maybe as much as 1/2 lb from a pack. But is it really worth the expense to drop a mere 8 oz?

We still have our sleeping bags to work on, and I'm into large capacity packs which means it's not very light (~5 lbs). But the bulk of our little things have been upgraded at some point in time. It may not all be UL, but fairly light.

I know there's plenty of people out there that count grams, and I can appreciate the number crunching, but is it really worth it? Does it keep you from breaking down to save that 1/2 lb?

I read of those who sleep with just the fly and footprint or a tarp. I just don't care for bugs or other critters getting in. I'll take an extra 2 lbs to keep that from happening.

Were I hiking across the US I could see where the weight might become an issue, but at best we'd not likely get an opportunity to hike more than 30 days, with maybe 3-5 days being more common.

It almost makes more sense to me to look into smaller and not necessarily lighter per se, the weight being about equal as it would enable a smaller (and lighter) pack. I just ordered an Osprey Aether 85 as I'm the one carrying our daughter's stuff too (she's 4 1/2), and will for many more years to come. To me a 1 1/2lb weight gain is worth being able to carry 2 weeks worth of food or my daughter's gear. I can see how a couple of extra pounds could mean the difference between making 15 or 20 miles in mountainous terrain, but 1/2 lb or even 1 lb?

Let me hear from you who count the grams and your toothbrushes shorter. grin

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