If the list must include the clothing worn, then it would be quite difficult as that is 4 items minimum right there, 7 items are typically worn by me (shoes, socks, pants, undies, base layer, wool shirt, hat). If those are excluded from the list of 10, it isn't hard for me to also stay under 6 lbs. This would be a minimalist kit, not one I would ever take.

1. Fanatic Fringe Backpack 9.6 oz
2. JRB Stealth Quilt 15 oz
3. Xtherm pad 15 oz
4. OES tarp 12.2 oz
5. 1 L platy 1.3 oz
6. cup 1 oz
7. knife 3.5 oz
8. lighter 1.1 oz
9. poncho 9.2 oz
10. bandana 1 oz

10 items 4.3 pounds, could make it lighter by dropping the tarp and using the poncho and swapping the xtherm with a ccf pad.
Like I mentioned, this is not a kit I would ever take on a trip. I like sleeping in my hammock too much and cooking food.