Now THIS is a good thread!!! Speculate smeculate....I say lets do it! Assuming the clothes on your back don't count here is my first pass list.

1) backpack
2) sleeping bag
3) pad (could do without this but I hate getting sap on my sleeping bag now. As a kid it didn't seem to matter)
4) gatewood cape style/ poncho (if no rain could do without) (for multi day could replace with one pair of spare underpants)
5) food (eat with fingers)
6) headlamp
7) matches or lighter
8) knife
9) Water bottle
10) filtration/water purification (I have gotten away without this but in drought conditions I think I will be hesitant to do it say this summer in the Sierra)
11) Flask of fine scotch wiskey....medicinal use only of course

Running out of to get to work. I know I'm missing something but that is my first pass.