jimmy, this gets you to thinking and see what gear is out there. Not cheap, but if you have sewing skills, many items can be made lighter than what can be bought ready-made and much cheaper. Surprising how cheap good down costs.

Oh, no doubt with more commitment to lighter gear I could squeeze into the profile. The wife and I always go as a team and with that in mind I think 12lbs between us would be doable. Items like the shelter become more like 1lb a piece instead of 2 lbs. for one. I like the challenge of items carried rather than total weight. I would be more strict in that regard. Then you really have to weigh out what is more important and if you are willing to carry the penalty of weight. You're fabrication skills become a great value as yours making poles and tent stakes. That's where it could be a lot of fun. Also makes it easier for all types backpackers unlimited, light weight, ultra light weight and super ultra's to join in the fun. wink

I do find the thread fun to think about and what I REALLY value when left to making skinny choices of gear.