Ok I was forced to get out my digital scale and weigh my list.

Pack-GG Kumo 13.4 oz
EE quilt 15 oz
Nemo pad 13.6 oz
Go lite poncho tarp with guy lines 8.7 oz
MYOG trekking pole/ tarp pole 3.1 oz
Zebra light headlamp 3 oz
Platypus bladder with filter hook up 3.4 oz
Sawyer squeeze with bladder adapter and dirty water container 4.1oz
Ti cup 2.5 oz
Ti folding spoon .6
67.4 oz - 4.2125 lbs
I could use my much more comfortable Exped mat and still make the 6 lbs.
That would be 73.8 oz or 4.6125 lbs
So technically I could get away with a more robust shelter too. Or my WM down jacket.
The wind wont howl if the wind don't break.