3.2x4" first aid kit (kit stored in 2 ziplock bags)
2 .18oz tube krazy glue
1 book matches
1 sm blister bandage
1 lg blister bandage
2 alcohol prep wipes
1 2.6x3.6" moleskin (unpadded)
6 1" square bandaids
2 large strip bandaids
1 medium strip bandaid
2 2" sterile pads
1 4x2" bandaid
1 large size safety pin
also packed
1 .5 oz tube neosporin
1 2" ace bandage (w/clips)
1 metal mirror
1 credit card magnifier
1 1.5' surgical tubing

total weight 5.7 oz
(I should mention in my ditty bag I carry a small roll of duct tape and my swiss army knife has scissors)...I can also use my 2 sleeping bag straps to make a pretty nice splint and attach my sleeping bag a different way to my pack)

I should probably add some advil tabs...but I haven't yet.

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