Depends on where you will be backpacking and in what seasons. Some of the light weight tents are fine where condensation is not a problem, single wall tents(almost all you would consider will be single wall if you want to stay under 3 pounds) tend towards more condensation. Also must consider wind-worthy. If you are going to do high altitude mountaineering condition camping, many the ultra light under 3 pound tents would not survive the conditions. In this case, a floorless tent may be better- save weight by no floor. A well set up floorless teepee can be surprisingly steady in storms. If on the other hand, you are in very rainy areas, I would not like to do without a waterproof bathtub floor. And if you are planning on lots of mosquitoes and creepy crawlies, I would not use a floorless tent.

A tent is for shelter, suited for the environment you intend to camp in. At a MINIMUM, it must stand up to these conditions. Weight is secondary. Price is even less of an issue. Roominess and other bells and whistles are less important. I do not care how well a tent rates on any other category, if it is not 10 out of 10 on weather-worthiness for the intended conditions.

Seriously, I would take price out of the consideration. The time to look at price is when you have a short-list of 2-5 tents that would really work. Then you can choose the least expensive.

Depending on your needs, you may also want to look into tarps or hammock if you will always have trees for set up.