Hi all,

Looking into a 2-3 person lightweight tent for backpacking. The sort that's comfortable and roomy for 2 people, and can maybe run 3 in a pinch, or maybe a super light true 3.

Currently considering either the TarpTent StratoSpire 2 or Rainshadow 2, but would like any other recommendations that the hivemind might have (starting to hear good things about the Lunar Duo?). Looking for weight under 3 lbs (closer to 2 preferred) and minimum packaged size. 3 season rating is fine . . . it'll be used in the winter on occasion, but we'd rather spend the extra weight on 0 degree bags than a heavier tent.

I think at this point, the StratoSpire is my frontrunner.

Budget is approximately $300, but I'd say the hard cap is probably $350 with a bit of saving and scrounging, which I'd be willing to do for just the right shelter.