"Solo for months" can mean many things. The PCT,AT and CDT are long thru-hikes but you drop back into civilization quite often except for a few longer sections (mid-Sierras). So you are really not alone that much. And you are on well marked, well used trails. I solo for 1-2 months (12-13 day legs, with a few days off in between) off trail mostly, in quite remote areas. I have gone 8+ days and never see anyone. On many 12 day trips I may see 5-8 people max. This is a different animal. Not as physically hard as the PCT, but it perhaps requires much more self-sufficiency. Personality has a lot to do with it. I personally do not really like the "social" aspect when backpacking. I like to be alone a lot. Others feel the opposite and get most of their enjoyment out of the social aspect. I think you need to evaluate both your technical skill and experience as well as your personality and see what fits best.