I've never actually fished before. But I really, really want to give it a go.

I'm putting together a very simple set up, based on what this guy did: throwline kit (I hope that link works!)

We are going backpacking/camping in mid-Oct to Lost Maples State Natural Area. I've looked up fishing regulations for the park, and I plan to get myself familiar with the types of fish and regulations for that area. (state parks don't require a fishing license in Texas)

I plan to 'practice' casting just here at home. Can I do this just in my yard or should I seek out some body of water? (our neighbor has a pond...)

I plan to look for bait at the fishing hole (I'm a zoologist by education and we usually look for bugs and critters anyways).

I have no plans to *actually* catch anything, but I sure hope to. Is there anything else I should be thinking about, doing or reading up on? Has anyone else fished in Lost Maples?