Hello folks, I am new to the forum and just re-entering the sport after many years of camping and day hiking around the country with my wife. Other activities have kept us from backpacking but now we are ready to make a "come back" blush. I am amazed at how things have changed and I would like to thank you all for contributing to this forum as I have learned an immense amount of quality information after reading for several days.

I have purged much of my heavier gear and will start to replace as funds allow. I also have the advantage of making my own if practical. I have done a lot of sewing for our other love of small boat sailing and sometimes its just as well bought as trying to make it for the same price. The first purchase and biggest weight saver will be new sleeping bags or possibly some quilts. Im looking at making a 32 deg. 800 down fill equivalent coming in approx. 24 oz. Is there much of a savings to be had or should I start shopping sales and closeouts. I would appreciate your candid answers and help.