Glad to be back here on TLB! I think it was about 10-11 years ago on this forum there was discussion of what to use to replace the no longer produced Glad Stand and Zip plastic hot food bags. The Glad bags could withstand boiling water, had pleated bottoms and could be washed and reused. Glad stopped making these and someone here found a doable replacement. They were plastic lined paper bags with pleated bottoms. I have used these for years now for rehydrating foods using a Reflectix cozy, with very good results. I am down to bout 8 bags and want to buy more! Anyone know what I am talking about and where to find these?

I emailed the person who I bought these from and it was returned. They had bought a bulk quantity (smallest order they could get) of something like 2000 bags and sold smaller lots to folks like me.

I tried both the forum's search feature as well as a few google searches, no luck yet.

UPDATE: I found something similar, though dimensions are not given. These look similar to what I have but have a zip built in. Minimum order is 20,000 pieces!

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