Totally agree that good hygiene is crucial. In my last solo trip, I didn't carry any treatment method at all. But I was confident as to what quality water I was going to get.

Ndsol, interesting take on what Aquamira was developed for. The line of reasoning makes sense in as far as what I have read. I'll have to see if I can use it for my rainwater collection system (off my roof).

Just as an aside, potable water = drinking water. Pretty simple really. But in the United States, this does indicate to me that it must be potable water as accepted in the US. These are basically chemical guidelines, including a maximum total dissolved solids (TDS). There would still be a broad range of chemistry accepted, and would depend upon the source. Certain water chemistry could potentially interfere with the intended chemical process rendering the treatment ineffective. Anyway, this is just part of the thought process that goes through my head when looking at this stuff.