Hi Everyone,
I'm in need of a daypack or overnight pack that'll double as a pack for carrying my books to school on my bike.
Last time I was looking at fabric at Walmart, I saw they had a material labeled "outdoor material". I believe it's pro-tuff PVC coated polyester, 25% polyester, 75% PVC. It weighs 20 ounces per yard, but I'm not worried about weight for a daypack. I know Xpac is less than half the weight, but is around $17/yard plus shipping and there's also Cordura 1000 for around $11/yard. I think the pro-tuff was $5/yard.. I was just wondering if anyone had used this before and how it held up?
Thank you!

Edit: I just had an idea to use the Walmart backpacking tarp to make a pack. It would be much lighter than the pro-tuff fabric. Would this be strong enough for a pack?

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